Other Benefits of the new Divination Skills other than RS gold

“Divination will be the direct companion to the new production skill…” aside from gathering energy it’s also another way of gathering rs gold.


Source: Runescape


What you can get from Divination skill beside rs gold


When being carried to your backpack, this portent of restoration will come in handy in combat. When one is the middle of a combat, and your health drop down to 50% this portent of restoration will be automatically be consume and restore your health points. This may help you save rs gold in buying/making health restoration pots.



You may create these boons by converting energy and/or memories. These are permanent passive buffs for the divination XP and energy; this is more efficient and will avoid you from buying Summer Pie with high rs gold sell price.



This one can make a lot of rs gold from some miscellaneous items such as YELLOW LOGS. By using Divination skills, you may convert YELLOW logs to magic logs. YELLOW logs cost around 558 rs gold sell while magic log cost 1, 587 rs gold price.


New things and Change is good especially when it gives you more rs gold…

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