[Guide] Need RS gold? Try teleport tablets and cleaning herbs


Earning RS gold through making Varrock teleport tabs

The Varrock teleport tablet is generally in demand in the Grand Exchange. Players tend to use this simple method of making RS gold due to its versatile teleportation items. The Varrock teleport tablet can be made in any Lectern in any player-owned house. Players are require to have 1 Law rune, 3 Air runes, 1 Fire rune, and 1 Soft clay and at least level 25 Magic to create the tablet.


For ease of traveling, one must have ring of dueling to use the bank in the Castle Wars and house teleport tablet in order to easily access your house. In one trip, you can create 25 Varrock teleport tablets. Within the hour, you can make lots of teleport tablet. Once you are satisfied with the quantity of teleport tablet, you can start selling them in the Grand Exchange for making RS gold.


Grimy Avantoe; Cleaning will earn you RS gold

Cleaning the grimy avantoe is an alternative way in training for the herblore because it is much easier and faster than making an actual potion. The disadvantage of this herb is when making a potions, it is pretty slow, and tedious. But because of this, most players who is making potion preferred to buy a clean avantoe in the Grand Exchange; taking advantage in that, some players are making more RS gold by selling the clean avantoe.

The avantoe can be good to make more RS gold since they are high demand in the market and it is more profitable cleaning avantoe and sell them in the Grand Exchange. Buy lots of grimy avantoe in the Grand Exchange and store them in the bank. Withdraw a full inventory of grimy avantoe and clean them just by clicking the herb. Once you’ve cleaned them, start selling them in the Grand Exchange.

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