What I’ll do if I ever get filthy rich from runescape money making


I hate Runescape, I don’t like that game one bit, but if there’s one good thing you can count on that game, it’s runescape money making. I wouldn’t play the game for fun, but the idea of getting rich if I could make easy money out of that game does appeal to me. So, if ever I get filthy rich making money out of Runescape, what would I do? Here’s what:



Convince my friends to join in on all the runescape money making racket

I consider myself to be a businessman, but I’m still a bro to my buddies. If I can sell rs gold and make a pretty good and consistent fortune out of it, then I’m gonna tell my friends and get them in on it. I’m not a greedy person, so I’d like for me and my friends to share this wonderful fountain of wealth. We’ll all make money and keep ripping off sucker Runescape players, who, for the life of me I just can’t figure out why they love the game so much.



Become a runescape money making guru

Aside from sharing this idea to my friends, I would share my knowledge and acquired business acumen to players of the game, so they too can make a living doing what they love. I would teach them how to sell runescape gp effectively and wisely, and make them filthy rich too. I would then make more money being paid to teach them, giving me more extra income in the process. I would build a huge cult following, heck I’ll even start my own Youtube channel. I bet people would love it. Plus, I’ll make more money out of Youtube ad revenues that way.


Expand on my runescape money making and monopolize the market

This would be the most ideal end-game for every businessman. I would find more ways to expand on my business, and find more ways to keep innovating it. I’ll find new channels and niches, and then hopefully if I ever get that big, I’ll eventually monopolize the market. I’ll kick out every competitor that dares to steal my throne, even if it were my own friends. 😉


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